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Play Online Casino Bonus Guide

Attracting new players is the main concern of online casinos, and has been ever since their introduction. Moreover, traditional casino players are a hard nut to crack, so taking them over poses a considerable challenge. In the past, many gamblers had doubts, mainly because online payments weren’t secure. That risk has since been completely eliminated. The issue has evolved to a different level: how to be the best among the best? Presenting the best offer is truly an epic challenge, as the number of play online casino is rising rapidly, and all of them offer similar benefits.

Bonus Guide

As ever, marketing is the main tool in attracting new gamblers, and marketing unearthed the novelty called “cash bonuses”. Nothing will ever render better results than money offerings, and in that regard, the move has succeeded in getting the desired attention.

The deposits vary depending on the casino game; generally, they fall in between 100% and 400% of the deposit. This is commonly known as the “cash bonus”, and requires an investment by the player. There is another bonus type, however. The welcome bonus (also known as free deposit bonus) is offered to new gamblers, and usually amounts to $5. This money may be withdrawn or invested. If the player wins the game, the bonus will still be added to their account.

Money withdrawal

Because this free money was the usual source of misuses in the past, some withdrawal requirements need to be met first. Namely, many people used to sign up at all online casinos offering free bonuses, with the goal of accumulating and withdrawing the money. Their aim wasn’t to gamble at all, so online casinos suffered substantial losses. This problem has been overcome by setting casino rules, which you may familiarize yourself with in terms and conditions of each respective casino.

The “requirement” applies to the sum that needs to be wagered before you are allowed to withdraw your free bonus. It may vary, but the usual practice is 10 to 20 times the amount of the bonus. Translated into numbers: if you make a $500 deposit and receive an equal bonus, you will be required to wager over $5000 before allowed to cash it in.

Not all casino games have free bonus

On top of that, free bonuses might not be applicable to all online casino games. In comparison, all poker rooms offer free bonuses and the requirements are less strict as well. The usual withdrawal prerequisite is to have played a certain amount of hands. Bonuses are often reloaded as to attract new players. If you are a poker lover, this is the best news you will ever get. Sign up bonuses are a good start, especially in case of beginners, as they will get to hone their skills for free.

Play Online Casino recommendations

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